LED Light Box

LED Light Box

Size: 14.17 x l 0.63 x 0.28 Inch

Work Surface: 8.27 x 12.2 Inch Acrylic Panels

Working Voltage: DC12V  Rated power: 5W
A/C Powered, More Stable

Power Cord Length: 2 meters/6.56 feet

Brightness: 4480 Lux. The Brightest Light Pad in the 17.7 Inch line.

Connects with a 6.56 feet power plug directly from the wall outlet, ensures you have a brighter, more stable work surface; With 4480 Lux of light output, A4 light box is the brightest model in the light box lines.

Adjustable Light Intensity, Easy to Use
You can adjust the light intensitv by simply holding your finger on the switch until you find your ideal lighting. The dimming is  gradual, NOT in steps like low, medium, ana high, gives you a better way to find the lighting you prefer.

Sleek, Thin and Portable
With sleek lines and a thin profile at 7.33 millimeters, the A4 light pad adds style to your workspace.

Eyesight-protected Technology
Thanks to advanced eyesight-protected technology, no more sore eyes after long-hour working.

Use of the A4 LED Light Box:

  1. Animation, Cartoon, Portrait, Tattoo Tracing
  2. Sewing, Quilting Projects, Fabric Design
  3. Photograph, Negative Film, Slides Viewing
  4. X-ray Film Viewing
  5. Calligraphy